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Public Insurance Adjuster West Palm Beach

A public adjuster is an insurance professional that works for you. Just like insurance companies have adjusters who are trained to evaluate insurance claims, policyholders have the right to hire a public adjuster in order to make sure property damage claims are handled properly and settled beneficially.. A public adjuster is a state-licensed professional. To obtain a public adjuster license, a candidate undergoes a background check, must pass an exam issued by the State of Florida and have some qualifying experience in claims adjustment and property valuation. There are specific rules and regulations that apply to how and when a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster can offer their services to the public.

Simply possessing a public adjuster license does not mean a public adjuster will be an effective representative for your claim. Many public adjusters simply don’t have the experience or necessary skills to reach a successful outcome on your claim. Others may just sit waiting for the insurance company to give them the damage value of your claim. We never wait around for the insurance company to do something; we get ahead and tell them what you are owed. We do this by preparing detailed documentation and thorough evaluations for each property damage claim. Our experienced team carefully curates each aspect of your property loss claim. We then take time to review your insurance policy to make certain all underwritten coverage is included. We then meet with the insurance company to present your claim with the evidence of all damages and losses, and guide your through the entire claims process.

You can consider us your personal insurance representative!

When you hire our West Palm Beach Public Adjusters, you are hiring industry professionals that have years of experience working with licensed contractors, attorneys, accountants, and insurance industry experts, all while staying committed to helping you win a favorable outcome. We personally handle each claim as if your property is ours, and we provide value assessments independent of your insurance company’s assessments of evaluations. We know you work hard for what you have and how the devastation that comes with losing personal property.

Our experience is vast and based on personally handling a variety of residential and commercial losses. We have a proven track record filled with a client history of satisfied customers whose testimonials illustrate our exceptional service and work.

We are available to answer your questions and help you through the claims process at anytime, so feel free to contact us and start your free consultation today.

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Do You Need A Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach?

If your claim has been denied, we can review it for you. If your claim has been paid but you aren’t sure if it is sufficient to pay for the damages, we can review it for you. If you just suffered damage to your property and you aren’t sure if it’s covered, we can provide some guidance and answers. If you have suffered a covered loss and you just want someone by your side every step of the way, we can be there for you.

We pride ourselves in offering insurance claims services to policyholders that are always in your best interest. And your initial consultation is always free. We will tell you if there is a need for our services or not. We want you to make an informed decision about retaining our services or any other claims advocate.

We try to be different among the many adjusters in the West Palm Beach area. You won’t see our adjusters among the throngs of others in your front yard after a hurricane. We believe that you should have the opportunity to work with your insurance company without any public adjuster taking a share of what the insurer is already prepared to pay. If you feel that is not sufficient, we’re only a phone call away.

We have earned our reputation and our business based on word of mouth. In doing so, we value knowing when to offer our services and when to simply offer friendly advice. If you are unhappy with the way your insurance company is handling your claim, you can always come to us at any point during the claims process. We will be here to answer your questions and help you with all of your insurance claims needs.

Public Adjuster West Palm Beach

Hurricane Damage West Palm Beach

Our professionals use our unmatched experience and resources to maximize your hurricane damage claim and expedite the hurricane insurance claim process to help you recover sooner There are several important questions homeowners may have after suffering hurricane damage. Does flood insurance cover hurricanes? Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage? Unfortunately, there have been many occasions where homeowners have not been adequately covered in their insurance policy because of the complexity in assessing and properly categorizing hurricane and water damage inflicted upon their property.

Our public adjusters make sure that is not the case with the families and individuals we represent throughout. We help you understand your coverage for hurricane damage and advise you on the best ways to maximize your recovery. Our public adjusters properly evaluate and document your damage, and negotiate your hurricane claim for the maximum amount so you can recover sooner. We are your trusted advocates working only for you, lifting the burden of dealing with the hurricane insurance claim process, while you can focus on the safety of your family.

Insurance Claims Adjuster West Palm Beach

Flood Damage Claims West Palm Beach

Once you experience flood damage, you may be overwhelmed with a rush of outside opinions on how to best handle your flood insurance claim. Our public adjusters are there to allow you to take a step back and make an educated decision. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Regardless of location or proximity to a floodplain, many homeowners can experience a flood loss. When it comes to flood insurance and flood risk, most people may not realize that it has to be purchased as a separate policy from their homeowner’s insurance. Our public adjusters help homeowners like you every day prepare and present fully-optimized flood damage claims.

You might have some very valid questions or concerns about flood damage. What does flood insurance cover? It is different than regular property insurance policies and requires a thorough understanding as it relates to your recovery. Also, since flooding can damage multiple homes, the number of claims can stall and complicate the insurance claim process with your insurance company. By working with our public adjusters, though, there is no need to wade through any of that. We work with you as partners and advocates to assess, evaluate, and document your damage and negotiate a maximum flood insurance claim that will get you the optimum amount you are owed.

Water Damage Claims West Palm Beach

Our public adjusters analyze every detail of your insurance policy to prepare and maximize your water damage claim. Water damage can come from storms, floods or from a frozen and burst pipe. Within moments, the ceilings, walls, and floors of your home can be damaged along with expensive electrical systems. Also, the moisture from water damage can lead to mold growth, making your home unsafe. The immediate need to clean up and control as much damage as possible may delay you in the beginning, but organizing a plan for the handling of your water damage claim will be vital to your recovery.

Our expert public adjusters help homeowners with water insurance claims throughout West Palm Beach. Our public adjusters are fluent with water damage claims and insurance policy terms and conditions and can handle every step of the water damage insurance claim process. As your trusted advisers, our adjusters evaluate and document your property’s water damage in full detail, and negotiate with your insurance company for maximum recovery.

Fire and Smoke Damage Claims West Palm Beach

Our professional public adjusters are ready to help maximize your house fire insurance claim and help get your life back on track. Pieces of your life have just been lost in a blaze. Your family is without a home. What does your homeowners insurance policy cover? Do you know where to start? How will you know for sure you will get enough to provide for your family?

Whether it is partial or extensive fire damage, the time and stress in dealing with your house fire insurance claim can take you away from focusing on your family’s immediate safety and well-being. We are there to lift the burden by handling your claim. For decades, families have looked to us for professional assistance after a house fire.If you have fire damage, contact us today. We are your trusted advocates and resource in the insurance claims process.

West Palm Beach Claims Adjusters

Our public adjusters thoroughly document the damage to your home and its contents. We identify the hidden damages that may cause later problems, which may have been missed by your insurance company’s adjuster. We provide a full proof of loss to help maximize the amount you are entitled to recover from your fire insurance claim. And our public adjusters negotiate that claim on your behalf to ensure just that. We work exclusively for YOU, not the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every type of natural and man-made disaster.

Our public adjusters work only for you, never for the insurance company. We approach your claim from a position of advocacy and handle every step to get you what you are entitled to from your policy.

Public Adjuster West Palm Beach