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Filing a roof damage claim with your insurance company can be tedious and unpredictable. Roof damage is not an easy claim to evaluate, and the insurance adjuster will not give the time and attention to your claim that they should.

They might classify the damage wrong, or label certain damages as preexisting and therefore not within the policy's coverage. Adjusters often undervalue and wrongly assess damage after a hurricane or natural disaster that caused the roof damage.

At Public Adjusters of Miami, we have the knowledge and understanding to properly value your claim and get you the money you deserve. We have experience with all types of roof damage claims. We are dedicated to getting you uncommon results while giving top notch customer service.

Most insurance policies do not cover routine damage to your roof if it's caused by normal wear and tear. These policies are aimed at covering sudden or unexpected damage. But oftentimes, the adjuster that is assigned to your claim will wrongly assess the damage and classify it as normal wear and tear when it should be covered.

No matter what the reason for your roof damage, you need to have someone on your side that knows the process and especially knows how to deal with the insurance company's tactics to pay as little as possible.

Here's a list of commonly covered roof damages:

Hail Storms

Wind Damage

Storm Damage

Any accidental roof damage

If the insurance company sends an adjuster and they don't get on the roof to assess the damage, this is a red flag. You need to call us immediately and have one of our public adjusters come to your property and evaluate the damage properly. Insurance companies are known for being sloppy during the evaluation process, then demanding you accept their low settlement offer.

Don't get caught in their trap.

Another tactic is to ass the roof damage as repairable, when it really needs to be replaced. We will get aggressive in fighting for you when your structure is compromised. You don't have to deal with long term roof issues because the insurance company didn't want to pay!

Here are some other factors to consider when evaluating a roof damage claim:

Evidence of the event that caused damage

Correct documentation of roof condition, including age

Correct classification of roof type: asphalt shingle, built-up flat roof, ceramic or metal tile roof, sheet metal, reinforced thermoplastic membrane, spray polyurethane foam.

Gather any maintenance records related to roof work done.

At the end of the day, you have to be able to prove that the roof damage was caused by a covered incident under your insurance policy. We have the tools and experience to get you what you are owed.