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The Best Insurance Adjuster in Panama City Beach

Our Florida state certified Public Insurance Adjusters have been successfully handling home and business property insurance claims for many years. We have the tools and expertise to recover what you deserve from your property insurance claim. We'll get you the maximum settlement available in order to restore your home or business back to its pre-damage state.

We consistently work on a broad range of property insurance claims including flood and water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, hurricane damage, roof damage, vandalism, property theft and business interruption insurance claims. We can handle your claim from the first initial phone call right up to the day you get your settlement check.

Many years of experienced have given our Certified Insurance Claim Adjusters a wide range of knowledge and experiences, enabling us to give you peace of mind that your claim will be handled professionally and efficiently. Our Panama City claim adjusters can handle property damage claims on all types of properties from residential property damage claims, commercial property damage claims, homeowner associations claims, and even industrial property damage claims.

Panama City Insurance Claims Adjusters

Our Panama City Public Adjusters recover on average 100%-700% more on property insurance claims than if you handle the claim yourself. And because of our extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, we take extreme pride in our high settlement rate, which means your claim is processed faster and you get paid more. Whether your claim is a small residential damage claim from hail or windstorm or if your industrial warehouse has been ravage by a hurricane, we are here to help you get the most out of your claim. We know insurance, and we fight for your rights every day of the year.

Types of Claims Our Panama City Public Adjusters Handle

We have been successfully representing home and business owners all over Panama City for many years. We can manage any type of damage claim you might have, but here are a few examples of the most common types:

Flood and Water Damage Public Adjuster

Residents of Panama City are well-accustomed to being around water. But when you have a water main break or a leaking pipe in your house, it's a different story. Water damage claims are among the most common reported claims against homeowners insurance policies. And the yearly threat of hurricanes makes water damage a potential problem every resident in Florida should be aware of. Insurance companies are notoriously slick when it comes time to file a water damage claim. It's critical that you have someone representing you that knows their tricks and can easily fight against their attempts to low-ball and deny your claim. Call us the moment you realize you have water damage, and we'll be there with you every step of the way.

It's reported that 90% of property damage insurance claims are water damage related. These claims can be caused by a broken water pipe, A/C unit leak, tub and shower leak, roof leaks, and even an overflowing toilet. Water damage is extremely destructive to homes and property, and documenting the damage is a crucial step in a successful recovery. The other major factor to consider is the potential for mold to grow. The dark and damp conditions that accompany water damage are prime breeding grounds for hazardous mold infestations. It only takes a few days for mold to start spreading, and once it does, you need to get a handle on it fast. Proper drying of your home or business is the very first step toward preventing and eliminating mold. We can help you through the process after a water damage event.

Even if you're unsure where the water damage originated, it's imperative that you have a professional to guide you through the evidence gathering, filing, and negotiating process. We'll make sure that your claim goes as smooth as possible while working out real solutions to help you rebuild and cleanup. And if you've already filed a claim but you feel you were under compensated, we can have the case reopened and file a supplemental claim to get more money to help you with repairs.

Mold Damage Claims Panama City

Most mold infestations come after a water damage event, and typically start beneath the surface where you can't see what's happening. When dealing with the insurance company, mold damage must be handled carefully. If you open your claim on the basis of mold damage alone, it is likely you will be denied, as mold is not a covered loss under most insurance policies. In order for your mold damage to be covered, it must be a result of some form of water damage. Proving water damage is the most important step when getting mold damages covered. Hiring a public adjuster will take all the guesswork out of filing a mold remediation claim that is accepted and paid out fully and promptly. We'll be able to outline the damage clearly in order to prove the cause as water damage.

Public Insurance Adjuster in Panama City

Our stellar reputation is evidence of our many successful claim recoveries throughout Panama City. Many of our clients are return customers and referrals of satisfied friends and family.

Fire and Smoke Damage Public Adjuster

Fire damage is another difficult insurance claim to handle. Besides the primary focus on your family's health and safety, you want to make sure your home is rebuilt or restored fully without any added stress to you. Fire is extremely destructive, and even if the flames are small, heat and smoke can be equally as damaging. Fire damage must be evaluated properly in order to make sure the damage is fully covered. Hiring our public claims adjusters will ensure that your damage is meticulously documented and adequately reported to your insurance company. We will keep the claim process moving so you can start rebuilding as quickly as possible.

Smoke damage is one of the worst part of a fire event. Smoke travels under doors, in between cracks, in and out of air vents, and through fabric, carpets, bedding, and clothes. Cleaning and repainting can help, but in order to truly remove residual smoke odors, you need to have the professionals take over. With fire and smoke damage claims, there are many avenues to recover damages under your policy. Though the claims process is exceedingly complicated, and with our help, you will understand everything you need to file a successful claim. When the insurance company sends their adjuster out, they often miss major details and fail to truly assess the damage in a tangible way. Their main goal is to close out your claim while paying the lowest possible payout. Don't let them tell you what your claim is worth. Let our insurance professionals take the reigns and get the amount you are entitled to according to your policy.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of fire damage at their home or business, it is a requirement that you hire a public adjuster to help you through the claims process. Fire damage is a notoriously complicated process, and it's not something you want to deal with along with recovering from a fire. Call us today and let our experts help you start the process today.

Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and typically lasts 5 months. Hurricane and Tropical Storm winds can be terribly destructive to your home or business, and it's important to have the right people helping you recover and rebuild. In order for your claim to be considered hurricane damage, it must be the result of a named storm. Why is that? It's because the majority of Hurricane damage claims are roof damage.

Damaged roofs are one of the main sources of water damage, and since roof replacement is typically not covered in Florida, they have made an exception in the case of a named Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Because of the constant threat of Hurricanes, we highly recommend that you have a professional review your policies and coverage to ensure you will be protected in the case of hurricane damage. Not only do you want to be sure you have the proper coverage, you also want someone that can help you through the claims process and make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to.

Panama City Claim Experts

And when speaking of insurance companies and being prepared, you need to know that in the aftermath of a hurricane, insurance companies will send out third party adjusters in an attempt to close on the spot insurance claims. DO NOT give them your information or agree to anything before you talk to one of our insurance professionals. We will handle the claims process in a timely fashion and make sure every damaged and lost item is recovered and paid for.

When preparing for a hurricane of tropical storm, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when a storm is approaching:

  • Board up your windows with hurricane shutters or plywood to keep the envelope of your home intact
  • Remove any outdoor furniture, lawn accessories, etc
  • Trim any loose tree limbs or cut down dead trees.
  • Clear out your gutters
  • Secure a tarp to your roof with ratchet straps
  • Barricade garage overhead doors from the inside

After the hurricane passes, start taking pictures of all damaged parts of the home and property, and make detailed notes of personal items that have been damaged or lost. Video footage is also a great way to survey and document damages. Insurance companies can't turn away your claim if you have lots of good evidence to support your claim. If you aren't able to take these steps or you just want a professional Public Adjuster to handle it for you, we're only a phone call away. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Panama City Hall you can find information on how to prepare for the hurricane season.