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The most common type of insurance claim among homeowners is water damage. Having water damage is one of the most catastrophic expenses that can occur in a home or business. Unlike other claims, water damage isn't always confined to a small area. Water runs under damaged roofs, through walls, under carpets and wood floors, into the foundation and more.

Insurance policies offer different degrees of coverage for water damage, but most only cover losses that are caused by an event that is unexpected or accidental. Sewer issues, burst pipes or water that comes through roofs or walls are typically covered.

On the other hand, water damage often goes undetected for a time before the extent of the damage is realized. In this case, mold and structural damage become a serious concern. Because water damage is often not visible, the damage to structural components must be properly evaluated.

Mold damage causes serious health problems, so any time you have had significant water damage or you know that water has been present for an extended amount of time, it is imperative that you have a proper mold inspection performed. Insurance can cover these types of claims if they are properly documented and accurately filed.

The damage within walls and ceilings can effect other parts of the home such as electrical circuits, ventilation, HVAC components and even water pipes. The most important parts of your home are the ones you cannot see.

If you suspect any type of damage has happened to these unseen parts of your home or business because of water damage, call us right away so we can start the process for filing a successful insurance claim.

Water damage claims are some of the most commonly denied or underpaid claims for insurance companies. They often misinterpret the policy terms to pay out smaller amounts, and sometimes they claim that certain damages are not covered even though you've been paying for them as a part of your policy.

Don't get caught on the losing end of an insurance claim. Call our professional public adjusters in Miami and we will fight these lowball offers and denied claims.

We will get the settlement you need and deserve.

Keeping accurate records of repairs is paramount to a successful insurance claim. It's important to keep good records as a homeowner, but when it comes to filing an insurance claim, it becomes an absolute necessity.

Also, it's important to understand your policy and coverage. Exclusions are one place that many homeowners get lost, and it can be confusing to determine what's covered and what's not, even if you have read through your policy. And that's not without purpose. The underwriters put these policies together with vague language so that in the case of a claim like yours, they have room to deny or underpay for claims that should be covered.

If you think your water damage insurance claim was denied incorrectly, call us today and we'll evaluate your claim. We have the tools and experience to fight for you, even if the insurance company denied your claim.