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Our Miami Beach Public Adjusters have been successfully handling property damage insurance claims for many years. Over time, we have learned what it takes to recover what you deserve from your property insurance claim, which should always include a fair settlement to bring your home or business back to its pre-damage state.

We are a full-service public adjuster firm, which means we can handle a wide range of property insurance claims such as water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, hurricane damage, broken pipe damage, vandalism, property theft, water leaks, roof damage, marine damage and business interruption claims. We will manage your claim from the first damage assessment all the way to the settlement of the claim.

Insurance Claims Adjuster Miami Beach

With our licensed Miami Beach Public Adjusters and their diverse knowledge and experience, you get the peace of mind knowing your claim will be handled professionally and efficiently the whole way through. Our certified public adjusters are equipped to handle property damage claims on all different types of properties, from residential claims, commercial property claims, homeowners associations and even commercial and industrial claims. We proudly offer our services to all of the Miami Beach area.

As professional Public Adjusters in Miami Beach, we are able to regularly recover up to 700% more on your property damage insurance claim than if you let the insurance company handle it. Our Florida Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters specialize in representing policyholders of residential, commercial, and condo association claims. Because of the experience we possess, we are able to achieve a very high success rate in closing property damage claims without the involvement of a lawyer.

So whether your claim is for damage from an overflowing drain or if your business was destroyed in a fire, we can help you recover everything that was lost so you can start the process of restoring and rebuilding. Our Miami Beach Public Insurance Adjusters have been able to settle claims from thousands of dollars to over a million dollars. We make each claim a priority, and always strive for the best possible outcome no matter the size or scope of the damage.

The scope of damages and losses we cover is extensive, but here are a few of the most common damage claims we handle in Miami Beach on a regular basis:

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Water Damage Miami Beach

Miami Beach is no stranger to insurance claims due to water damage. Not only are there the common household water damage claims stemming from broken water pipes and malfunctioning water heaters, we also have to think about the ever-present threat of Hurricanes. Hurricane season in Miami Beach is always a tense time for our residents. When we see storms forming in the Atlantic Ocean, we watch with anticipation wondering if we are in for another Hurricane Andrew. The devastation that just one of these storms can cause is almost unimaginable. In the event that another Hurricane hits the Miami Beach area, we will be here from start to finish to help in any way we can. And if you are still dealing with damage from Hurricane Irma of have a claim you’d like to re-open, we can help.

Since the majority of property damage claims are caused by water damage, it’s easy to see why we are so successful in reaching high settlement amounts for these types of claims. Though they are common, it’s a serious situation when your home or business has been devastated by flooding conditions because of a water main break, appliance malfunction or a busted pipe in the walls.

Mold Damage Miami Beach

Not only is water damage a devastating thing to deal with, you are then at risk of a mold problem. Mold grows quickly and can start to form within just 48 hours.

You need to know that mold by itself is not a covered loss under your insurance policy. It is only considered a covered loss if it is a result of a stated cause of damage or loss, such as the different types of water damage we have touched on. Many homeowners simply don’t know that they have little to no mold damage coverage in their insurance policy, and therefore are acting on a faulty assumption from the beginning. This is another reason why it is a smart idea for every Miami Beach home or business owner hire a certified public adjuster Miami Beach to process and handle their property insurance claim.

If caught early, the problem can be easy to fix by frying out the space and removing or cleaning any affected furniture or personal items. By acting quickly, you are doing yourself a great service. First, you are keeping the mold problem from growing out of hand, which can be a serious health concern. And two, your insurance company will look favorably on your actions because it shows you took steps to mitigate the mold damage as soon as you realize there is a problem.

If you have had any kind of water damage or mold infestation problem in your home of business, call one of our Miami Beach Public Adjusters immediately. We will help you to take the right steps toward a higher payout and smoother claims process. By calling a local Miami Beach public adjuster Miami Beach before you file a property damage claim, you ensure that your claim will be filed correctly, the evaluation of the damages will be accurate, you will have a much higher settlement offer in the end. If you have already filed your property damage claim, a Miami Beach public insurance claims adjuster can still help by working to improve your claim and get you the maximum reimbursement for any out-of-pocket costs associated with repairing or restoring the damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage Miami Beach

The most important thing to remember in any fire damage insurance claim is to ensure that everyone is safe after a fire happens. Every fire, no matter the size, is still extremely dangerous and destructive. Not only is the actual damage from the flames destructive, the damage caused by smoke billowing throughout the structure can be equally as damaging. It is critical that you hire a public adjuster immediately after a fire in order to properly evaluate the damage and give an accurate estimate. Our Miami Beach Public Adjusters are here for your convenience to guide you through your claims process all the way to the recovery stage.

Smoke damage happens quickly, as smoke moves very fast and penetrates carpets, clothing, carpets and drywall, and even gets into every part of your HVAC system Even if the fire was contained to a single room, smoke from the fire could easily cause damage through the entire house. Smoke can seep through cracks in the drywall and penetrates wood materials in and around your property. Even after a thorough cleaning and painting to your property, it is common to still have lingering smoke odor and staining through the house.

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With Fire and smoke damage claims in Miami beach, you’re entitled to many different methods of compensation from your insurance company as a policyholder. In Miami Beach, the claims process for fire damage is very complicated and requires the help of a professional public adjuster Miami Beach to have a successful outcome.

Hiring one of our seasoned public adjusters makes your insurance company very uneasy because they know we understand how to file and document a successful claim they will have no choice but to pay. In the aftermath of a fire on your property, it is an absolute necessity to hire a licensed Florida public adjuster.

Also, you must take measures to protect your property by boarding up any open exposed or broken windows or doors.We proudly serve the Miami Beach area to help you get the most out of your property damage claim.

Hurricane Damage Miami Beach

Hurricane Season in begins on June 1st and typically lasts around 5-6 months. Everyone knows that Hurricane and Tropical Storm wind and rainfall are extremely destructive to our homes and businesses, and can completely flatten an entire city in a moment. The most important step in thinking about Hurricane season is being prepared. And the first step to being prepared when a hurricane is heading towards Miami Beach is to secure your property.

Securing your personal and business property in anticipation of a hurricane includes the following:

Cover you windows with either hurricane shutters or wooden boards.

Tape does not prevent windows from breaking may prevent the glass from shattering everywhere

Make sure trees are trimmed and gutters are cleared

Strap a tarp to your roof

Reinforce garage doors from the inside

Making sure all outdoor furniture and our equipment is brought inside

After a hurricane, it’s imperative to immediately take photographs of any damages and other items you may have lost. Photos and video footage will assist in proving your losses and in the settlement of your claim, particularly when it comes to your personal property. As an extra precaution, make sure you keep receipts of any expenses that stem from having to vacate your home as a result of the storm, like hotels and meals.

In order for a claim to be considered a covered hurricane claim, the wind damage associated must be due to a named storm. The reason is because the majority of Hurricane claims are for roof damages which almost always causes extensive water damage. As a general rule, roof replacements are usually not covered, unless the damage is due to a named storm. Because Miami Beach is exposed to hurricane threats every year and we’re right on the beach, It is vitally important for property owners in Miami Beach to purchase dedicated Hurricane Insurance to protect their property and personal/business assets. Unfortunately insurance companies are notorious for underpaying Hurricane Damage settlements.