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As consumer- hired insurance adjusters, we advocate for Sunrise, Florida policyholders when they file a property damage insurance claim. Handling the entire claims process for you means it is our business to negotiate with your insurance company for a higher and more substantial settlement payout.

We are Florida state licensed professional Insurance Adjusters that work only for you. Whether your insurance claim has already been filed, needs to be filed, or has been closed with an unsatisfactory payout; we can represent you at any point in your claim process, even if your claim has been denied and you don’t know what to do.

Using a Sunrise Public Adjuster automatically increases insurance claim payouts by over 700% on average according to an insurance institute study. So don’t fight the insurance companies alone. You have the right to hire your own professional Public Insurance Adjuster that can fight on your behalf.

Insurance Claims Sunrise, Florida

You never have to go into an insurance claim without the proper representation. At any point, you can hire a public adjuster in Sunrise to help guide you through the claims process without paying anything upfront. Filing a property damage claim is very tedious and often confusing. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are at risk of losing the settlement that is owed to you, and your claim is at risk of being denied payment all together.

Our Sunrise Public Adjusters represent your best interests and take on all the hassle of the claims process with confidence. We only work on a contingency basis where the goal is to get you the highest payout possible for your claim, and of course, there’s no out of pocket expense to you. If we don’t achieve a settlement on your claim, there’s no fee for you. And if you’ve filed your claim and got an inadequate settlement, we can easily reopen your case and represent you at any point in the process, even after your claim has been closed and settled.

We are dedicated to making sure Sunrise policyholders are fully compensated when they incur and losses due to covered property damage. Sunrise Public Adjusters work for YOU, unlike the adjusters that work for the insurance company. Unless you happen to be insurance expert, it’s in your best interest to hire a certified Public Adjuster to ensure you are not being taken advantage of by the insurance company.

Insurance Claims Adjuster Sunrise

Your phone conversations with the insurance company are almost always recorded, and with good reason. It only takes one slip up or a single instance of careless wording to cause you to have to pay for your damages and losses out of pocket. Insurance policy language is like any other specialized industry, it has a language of its own that is difficult for the average consumer to understand. Most insurance agents aren’t much assistance when it comes to you understanding the details of your policy. Always keep in mind that insurance is a business, and the premise of any business is to make money. When you file a property damage claim, the insurance company is in the position of paying money, not making it. Protect yourself against their tactics by employing a Public Adjuster in Sunrise to maximize your settlement. Figuring out how to manage your hectic schedule around a restoration or cleanup project is enough for anyone to deal with.

Let us deal with the insurance company for you so you don’t have to worry about mistakes in the filing paperwork, or other missteps and mistakes that can get your claim denied. So if you have a property damage claim or even if you have already filed a claim but still want an expert to negotiate a better settlement, call now free a property inspection. We’ll take the time to analyze your policy, evaluate your damages, and answer any questions you might have about the claims process.

Hurricane damage Claims Sunrise Florida

The different types of damage to Sunrise properties during a hurricane varies greatly. One of the most common damages comes from, flying debris that can break windows, breach walls and roofs and cause water into pour into a property. In addition, the strong wind can penetrate a home and generate enough internal pressure to cause the roof to blow off completely. It is this scope of damage and the severity of hurricane destruction that makes us happy we have insurance coverage.

Carrying insurance coverage for hurricane damage is only part of the recovery process. When you’re dealing with large scale natural disasters, the recovery process actually begins the moment you file a hurricane damage claim. But even before that, the very first step to getting the maximum amount for your claim is to call our state-certified Sunrise Public Adjusters to make sure you understand the claims process. We promise to personally handle your claim with the highest level of customer service and integrity.

Our Sunrise Public Adjusters personnel have years of experience working with hurricane damage claims. It is extremely important to stay safe during a tropical storm or hurricane, and while a severe storm or hurricane warning is in effect, it is imperative that you take the time to secure any loose items around your property and ensure that nothing that can potentially become a projectile is left out in the open. If your property doesn’t have hurricane rated glass windows, then the next best thing is to shutter your property with metal or wood. It is always preferable to minimize or altogether avoid hurricane damage to your property and have your property and possessions kept secure.

As any Floridian knows, hurricanes are no joke, so please take the time and effort to prepare in the event that your property is damaged by a tropical storm or hurricane. Settling hurricane damage claims with your already swamped insurance company is no fun either matter. When you are recovering from a storm, the damage is often overwhelming and the insurance companies will hire independent adjusters in an attempt to settle your claim on the spot, often paying much less than what it will actually take to restore your property and possessions to pre-storm conditions. We understand that a catastrophic hurricane claim is an extraordinary event and definitely not something you deal with every day.

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Public Insurance Adjuster Sunrise FL

Sunrise Public Adjusters represent you from beginning to end. Your insurance agents likely sent you a lengthy document that is designed to protect their interests and relieve them from any added liability for your damages. The claims adjusters, agents and all others involved work for the insurance company, not you. In reality, there are only two individuals that can legally represent you with regard to insurance claims and negotiations with your insurance provider. And that is either an attorney or a Public Adjuster.

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters, engineers, claims managers and preferred contractors that represent their interests.

Water Damage Sunrise FL

Water damage can strike just about anywhere, and at any time. As a Sunrise home or business owner, there are many potential sources of water damage you can deal with including:

Frozen pipes leaking or bursting

Refrigeration appliance leaks

Sewage overflow or backup

Roof leak where rain, snow, or other precipitation has entered

General plumbing malfunctions

Leaks due to roof damages

Sewer Line leaks

Water heater leaks

Busted drain lines

Leaking supply lines

HVAC Unit leaking

Water damage happens fast and quickly ruins wood trim, electronics, flooring, carpet, furniture, baseboards, finishings, and bedding. Damages and losses due to water breaches are so common that the insurance industry has reported them as the most frequent insurance claim they deal with.

Call our Sunrise Public Adjusters to schedule a free inspection today.

In Sunrise, it is common for residential and commercial property owners to run into property damage claims due to the age of many structures around the city. Water damage claims are worth millions of dollars each in recoverable funds each and every year, and as a Sunrise property owner, you should never have to pay out of pocket for damages that are covered under your insurance policy.

Water Damage Claim Sunrise

When you’ve had any kind of water damage to your property, it’s vitally important to act fast and take the proper precautions:

Quickly dry out the affected space and remove anything that can’t be saved to prevent any further damage such as mold growth. If water is still leaking from a supply line, shut off the valve and stay clear of water that many have come in contact with electrical equipment. Take as many pictures and videos as you can, and document all areas of the structure affected by the water. And you should immediately contact an experienced public adjuster in Sunrise within the first 24 hours so we can come out and inspect your property.

Professional Sunrise Public Adjuster

Why You Need a Sunrise Public Adjuster

Our Sunrise Public Adjusters act as your representative through the claims process and we’ll work to get you the maximum settlement possible for you to restore and repair your property. Your insurance carrier also uses adjusters that will come out and assess the damage to your property.

The most important difference is that instead of fairly evaluating the damages and estimating accurate repair costs, they are most concerned with paying out as little as possible. They are running a business, and that means they’re looking out for the company’s interests. When they can save on settlements, it adds to a healthy bottom line. But our public adjusters in Sunrise is concerned with your best interests and cares about getting a fair settlement you can feel good about.