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Consulting A Public Claims Adjuster In Orlando

When disaster strikes your home or business in Orlando, you need a professional on your side to guide you and help you deal with the insurance company. Our Public Adjusters have years of expertise in all aspects of the insurance claims industry. We know what it takes to successfully file, process, and negotiate settlements for any home or business in the Orlando area. If your home or business has been affected by hurricane damage, flood damage, water damage, mold damage or fire and smoke damage, we're here to help. Call out professional insurance adjusters today and get the claims process started immediately!

Any time you file a claim against your home or business property insurance, the carrier will send their own adjuster out to the property to assess the damage and push the claim through as quickly as possible. Their concern is to close your claim out as fast as possible while paying as little as possible. When you hire our Orlando Insurance Adjusters, we have the same expertise of the insurance company, the only difference is that we fight for you. We'll do what the insurance company won't by accurately evaluating and documenting all damage to property and personal or business assets, which lays the groundwork for a damage estimate that is realistic. We want to make sure that you are in the same or better condition than you were before the damage occurred.

We have a few goals with every property damage claim to ensure the best result possible:

Review your policy to determine what type of coverage you have

Build an accurate damage and loss estimate.

Gather all supporting evidence to substantiate the claim

Personally interact with insurance agents throughout the claims process

Negotiate your settlement to ensure maximum payout

We will be with you throughout the entire process to make sure you get a desirable settlement. Our Orlando Public Adjusters are standing by waiting to take your call. And since we work on contingency, we never require any upfront payments or retainers.

If you need or already have filed a property insurance claim, you should speak with an Orlando Claims Adjuster about your claim to see how we can help. Just like you would never let the IRS do your taxes for you, it's an equally absurd idea to let the insurance company manage your damage claim. They want to dictate every step of the process to make sure you get as little as possible, all while looking for any reason to deny the claim. There is simply no other way that you will be fully covered through the process unless you hire a certified public adjuster.

Free claim consultation with a Licensed Public Adjuster today!

Ideally, you would not not need someone to come in and help you fight for your rights as an insurance policyholder. Insurance policies are very complex documents and Insurance Adjusters that work for the insurance companies know the details very intimately. Normal policyholders do not have this same advantage.

We as Public Adjusters know the insurance contracts and more importantly, their limitations, exclusions and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls associated with handling your own claim. Public Adjusters fees are only a small percentage of what the insurance company pays out, so it is mutually beneficial to hire one of our Orlando Public Adjusters to ensure you are properly compensated for damages.

We are Florida State licensed Public Insurance Adjusters, and our main goal is to help residents of Orlando like you. Our passion and expertise are to put an accurate dollar amount on your damages and losses and fight every day to get payment from your insurance company. We don’t work for the insurance company, we work for you and we only have your best interests in mind. Call today and let us fight for you.

Orlando Public Claims Adjuster

Think about this, insurance companies make no profits when paying out claims, and in reality, the claims division is typically their largest business loss and thus it's the simplest way to increase their bottom line. You have enough to deal with after you've been through some kind of disaster. The focus of our job is on the preparation of property damage estimates, taking detailed contents inventory lists and thoroughly documenting your other losses. As your certified Orlando public adjuster, we will handle the arduous tasks of compiling, filing and negotiating your claim.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is the only insurance professional that is officially licensed to represent the policyholder throughout the insurance claim process. We work for you and the insurance company. Though some insurance professionals may refer to themselves as Insurance Claim Specialists and may even offer to represent policyholders through the claims process, this practice can be considered as Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting. This type of Public Adjusting is illegal and the truth is the only thing they have expertise in is ensuring they make a loads money off of unsuspecting home and business owners. These people don’t have the proper knowledge or experience necessary to win a legitimate settlement for your damages.

Borges & Son Public Adjusters

In the unfortunate event that you experience damage to your property and you need help with the claims process, one of our licensed Florida Public Adjusters or an attorney are the only professionals who are licensed to represent you as the policyholder.

Why use a Public Adjuster?

Unlike the claims adjusters that that are hired, paid and trained by the insurance company to represent their financial interests, a Public Adjuster works for you as the policyholder and handles your claim with your benefit in mind. We know exactly what it takes to win the maximum financial settlement for your losses.

Complimentary Consultation with a Public Adjuster

Years ago, an insurance company called Citizens Property Insurance did a study in an attempt to prove that there is no need to hire a Public Adjuster. What the report found was not at all what they expected. The following report proves the need and the significant financial benefit of hiring a licensed public adjuster after incurring property damages:

The study reported that for insurance claims associated with 2005 hurricanes, policyholders who used a Public Adjuster received settlements that were 747% higher than policyholders who did not use a Public Adjuster.

The report also states that for all non-catastrophic damages, policyholders who hired public adjusters won an average of $9,379 on their claim, compared to only $1,391 for policyholders that did not use a public adjuster. That's a difference of over 500%!

And you see these results proven many times over among public adjusters all over Florida. So the next time you hear someone ask, what is a Public Adjuster and why should I hire one, you can tell confidently that they are the only insurance professionals that represent you, the policyholder with your best interest at heart. As Orlando Public Adjusters there are never any upfront costs. All the work we do is based on a contingency fee agreement, which means we only get paid if you do.

IF you find yourself in the situation where you have to file an insurance claim, whether as a home or business owner, you should consult with a licensed Public Adjuster before you take any action to talk through your options and what we can offer. If you have ever read through your insurance policy you can easily see how complicated they are, and sometimes looks like another language.

Public Adjusters will almost always offer free claim evaluations. This is a great thing to take advantage of, if nothing else you will understand the details off your policy and better know how the claims process works. When you file a property damage claim, the insurance company will send out an adjuster who is going to be very familiar with your coverage and policy. You need to have the same type of professional working for you to make sure you have the same advantages they do when dealing with insurance policies and claims.

Public Adjusters are a necessary part of the insurance claim business, especially in a hurricane zone like Orlando. Insurance companies are very crafty in their business practices, and they want to keep taking your premiums while making it their priority to pay out as little as possible. Don't let your self be subject to their games anymore.

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