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Our Public Adjuster Hialeah are highly trained to handle every process of the insurance claim process, from paperwork to the final settlement. We've been serving Hialeah and the surrounding areas for many years with reliable and efficient insurance adjusting services. We know the business and we know the area well. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or even a property owner, we are your go-to source for insurance claims help. You don't have to fight the insurance company alone.

When choosing an insurance policy for your home or business, there are many factors to consider to make sure you are protected against unexpected losses due to storms, accidents, and other potential damage. In Hialeah, having adequate coverage in case of a catastrophe is a matter of losing everything or having the coverage to pay for any damages to your property. Your coverage should include damage due to hurricanes, wind, water damage, flooding, and even mold problems.

But your insurance policy is only one piece of the puzzle. Choosing the right insurance company is also important. It doesn't matter how good your coverage is if your insurance carrier is going to fight to pay out standard amounts when disaster strikes. When you file a claim, it's crucial to understand the process completely so you don't give the insurance company any reason to deny your claim or exclude covered damages. Our Hialeah public adjusters are fully trained in the entire claims process and have the expertise to guide you successfully through the entire process.

Public Insurance Adjuster Hialeah

When your insurance company sends an adjuster to assess the damage to your home or business property, they will often spend very little time assessing the damage and do not take the time to properly value your claim. The insurance company is only interested in how they can pay the smallest amount possible, even if your policy covers more than that. Unfortunately, they count on you being ignorant of their processes and methods, and they will take full advantage of you if you let them. When you hire our Public Adjuster Hialeah, you're telling the insurance company that you mean business and you won't go down without a fight. They know public adjuster Hialeah are familiar with their tactics and they will be more forthcoming about the details. And that means a bigger settlement for you at the end of the claims process.

Insurance companies often take broad liberties with your policy by claiming that certain items are not covered, and they even go as far as to deny claims for damages that are plainly covered by your policy. They will often leave damaged items out of the claim altogether, even when they know the items are covered. Their goal will always be to offer the lowest possible settlement when it's all said and done. Don't fall for their tricks.

Let us come along side you and fight to get what you're entitled to in order to get your life back. Our Hialeah Insurance Claims Specialists have handled many different damage claims and we have inside knowledge and years of expertise to recover more money in a shorter time. So don't let the added stress of haggling and negotiating with the insurance company make things even more difficult. Call Public Adjuster Hialeah today and let's get you back to normal fast!

Hurricane season is approaching, meaning we all need to start preparing for it. You must make sure all your property insurance policies are up to date, keep them in a place safe and easy to access in case of an evacuation, remember to have a plan in place, locate your nearest shelter, if you have pets you must find out which shelter is suitable for pets and which information you must take. If we all start preparing ahead of time in case of any event can be easier to deal with it. Stay safe and don't forget to call us if you have any questions or need assistance with a new claim.

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Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims Hialeah

Typically a property insurance policy covers direct physical damage from windstorm. If direct physical damage is obvious, such as entire roofs/walls or portions of roofs/walls blown away, then a coverage determination becomes easy. Then the major concern of the property owner becomes, Business owners will suffer down time creating the need to document business interruption losses. Homeowners will want to know where they will live while their home is being repaired. Not only is the building loss a concern, but business inventory losses and personal property damage frequently become a major portion of the windstorm damage insurance claim. Sometimes the damage from a covered loss is not as obvious. Our Hialeah public adjusters will point you in the right direction no matter the type or extent of the loss.

When it comes to water damage resulting from a windstorm event, you must always look to your policy and its definition of the loss in question.  If the windstorm event causes a break in the the roof or walls and water comes into the building due to that breach, the damages will be covered. This would include water damage to the structure, such as drywall damage, particle board expansion, electrical damage, mold, etc. Water damage to the interior contents would also typically be included as part of the assessed loss. Wind driven rain can also be a big problem in a hurricane because many insurance companies will not pay unless there is a breach or opening in a structure. Our Hialeah Public Adjusters have helped many property insurance policyholders involved in hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and severe windstorms for many years.

Water Damage Insurance Claims Hialeah

A water disaster can happen anytime and anywhere. Generally, these water events are sudden and unexpected and the damages can be difficult to detect depending on the origin and nature of the loss. It is widely reported in the insurance industry, especially in Florida, that the most frequent type of loss is from water damage. Frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, water entering from an opening in roofs and other parts of a building due to heavy or flooding rain are typical water losses that are covered under most property insurance policies. If you don't have any experience in handling an insurance claim, the insurance policy terms and language can be very confusing . To receive fair and full compensation for a loss, it is in your best interest to have an experienced Hialeah claims advocate guiding you, as the method for adjusting such losses can be quite complicated and often impacts the way the settlement is determined.

Once a catastrophic water event has occurred, the most important thing you need to do is begin proper emergency procedures. Water extraction and drying out should begin immediately. Consider employing an experienced Hialeah public adjuster to guide you through this critical process. The way your water loss is handled in the first 24 hours is critical to the outcome of your property damage claim. As an example, we often see insurance company adjusters interested in saving money for the customer by failing to remove baseboards and other built-in fixtures. This process helps to prevent air to circulate throughout a building's wall system. Flooded carpets need to be pulled up completely or you have conditions later on which could lead to further damage or mold conditions. Sticking a blower in an up-lifted corner of carpet will not get the job done as often the padding is soaked and needs to be replaced. 

Flood Damage Claims Hialeah

As Hialeah public adjusters who deal with flood damages on a regular basis, we always recommend that you read and understand your flood insurance policy before a loss, as it is typically limited in the amount and scope of coverage. The flood adjuster that is sent by your insurance company has no real authority. They can only write up a claim and submit it for payment consideration, nothing more. 

If you have a flood loss to your insured property, you need to be very mindful of the 60 day provision for filing a flood proof of loss. This places additional pressure on the insured policyholder to get all their damage documentation together in what can be a very limited amount of time. If this is not waived by an authorized government official (you need to get the printed copy of the waiver) and you do not have your proof-of-loss form submitted within sixty days, it is likely your claim will not be paid!Naturally there will be numerous insurance claims filed following a major disaster or flood event. As our claims adjusters have witnessed many times before, it may take a very long time for the relief efforts to reach your specific area. One also needs to factor in the amount of claims that will be assigned to the carrier adjusters that will be hired to adjust thousands of flood claim losses. As a result, it may take your adjuster a considerable amount of time before they will have the opportunity to reach your property. In these situations, we recommend being proactive by hiring a public adjuster who can dedicate his/her time to your specific claim in detail so you receive everything you are entitled to.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire is a devastating event that can quickly destroy everything including your personal belongings, homes, businesses and even take a life. Call us today and let our top Hialeah Public Adjusters help you through this difficult time. We strive to treat every claim as a high priority, and our goal is to give you the highest level of support while also being compassionate and understanding. We want more than anything to help you get your life back and restore what was lost in the devastation of a fire.

Dealing with the back and forth hassles with your insurance company's assigned adjuster can be very frustrating. Though they have a job to do, they simply aren't going to make your claim a high priority. In their eyes, you are just another number and a policyholder. You can rest assured that hiring one of our Hialeah public adjusters is the absolute best way to ensure your claim handled with the utmost integrity and that the entire claims process is being managed fairly and swiftly by the insurance company.

Our highly trained public adjuster Hialeah will take a careful inventory of the damage caused by fire and smoke and we always make sure you are getting the maximum payout under your current policy. We'll fight for every last dollar you are entitled to, and when you call, it won't cost anything to see how we can help you.

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