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One of the unfortunate consequences of living in “paradise” in Fort Myers is the constant threat of storm and hurricane damage. Heavy rains and strong winds can impact homes and commercial real estate during the rainy season and in the event of a tropical storm of hurricane. The major concern is when hurricane season approaches each year in June because South Florida has a long history of severe hurricanes, as many homeowners residing in Fort Myers can tell you. The severe impact of hurricanes and tropical storms damage has led insurance carriers to take distinctive steps regarding the nature of coverage and policies.

It is essential for you to contact a professional public adjuster in Fort Myers to clearly understand the complicated components of property insurance coverage, especially for hurricane damage.

Claims Adjusters Fort Myers

If you have a property damage claim to file, let us work for you to maximize your claim and get your company back on its feet. Our Fort Myers certified public adjusters will help you navigate the entire process of your damage claim every step of the way:

Being your insurance company contact

Documentation all property damage

Recording detailed inventory of damaged property,

Negotiating your final settlement

Denied Insurance Claim Fort Myers

Has your already filed claim been denied by your insurance company? This is not uncommon, and certainly doesn’t mean you are helpless. We can help you get reimbursed for your home or business repairs and restoration costs, even if you claim has been denied. For Denied claims we can help by offering the following services:

Analyzing your coverage and policy

Crafting realistic estimates for all damages

Documenting property damage accurately

Handling all negotiations

Closed Insurance Claims Fort Myers

Maybe you have already filed an insurance claim, and it was already settled for a small amount that failed to cover your actual costs of repair. Our adjusters have extensive understanding of insurance policies and the language of the claims process that enables us to turn what seems like a closed claim into a hefty additional settlement payment claim. You can employ our expert Fort Myers Public Adjusters property with their expert skills for just about any denied or underpaid claim and we can navigate exactly how to re-open it for you. And if your settlement check was too small to cover your losses we can file an amendment claim in an effort to secure a bigger settlement, whether through continued negotiations or an official appraisal of damages.

We can also work to re-open any claim that your insurance company initially denied. Our adjusters can properly examine your insurance policy and any documentation you received to detail the exact reason for the denial. Then we will provide you with thorough documentation assistance to ensure that the denied claim is reopened and settled with a favorable outcome.

Hurricane Damage Claims

Florida is known for its tropical storms and hurricanes, and the mass destruction they can cause to homes and businesses can cause a lot of stress. When you reach out to a Public Adjusters in Fort Myers, you’re getting direct access to an experienced team who have the experience to help you and your family get your property restored and back to the condition it once was.

We have years of experience handling storm damage claims in Fort Myers. Upon initial inspection, we will quickly assess your claim and work promptly to ensure you receive your claim settlement quickly. When you’re in the middle of dealing with hurricane or tropical storm damage claims, we’ll be there to help provide the support you need to have a successful outcome to your claim.

When you safely make it out of a hurricane, the first thing you need to do is survey the damage and start documenting any and all damages and losses, no matter how small. With the initial damage evaluation, there is no damage or loss that is too small to count. The more you can validate your claim with evidence in the form of pictures and video, the higher potential settlement you can expect.

The next important thing to do is to contact a certified public adjuster in Fort Myers. Since the mid 1800’s, there have been nearly 40 hurricanes to hit Florida, which is roughly half of all named storms in the same period. That means that for every hurricane season we have, there is a 50/50 chance a hurricane will hit Florida and cause potentially catastrophic damage. When living in an area like Fort Myers, it’s critical to have the proper representation in place before the storm hits, so you have the peace of mind that you will be well-represented in the event of a direct hit.

In short, Florida residents must be aware of the threat these destructive storms pose and, importantly, what to do if one strikes. If your home, apartment, condominium, or business is damaged in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or the severe storms that can arise out of either, contact us at Expert Public Adjusters immediately so that we might provide you with speedy, experienced assistance in recovering your property to its original condition.

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Fort Myers Hurricane Insurance Claims

Do not try and ride out any storm greater that a Cat 3. Never leave anything outside that could be picked up by the wind and thrown, thereby causing even more property damage. Remove any patio and lawn furniture and secure them inside a reinforced structure if possible. Anything weighing less than 100 pounds should be moved into the house or garage. Be sure to put up all storm shutters or board your windows and glass doors. Do everything possible not to allow any openings into your home as the storm passes.

If you have an envelope breach in your house, the air pressure outside will make its way into your home through an opening and could blow the roof clean off of your house. Never sign contracts with damage restoration or remediation companies without first getting advice from a licensed public adjuster or lawyer. If you are going to hire a company to help with the damage, it’s crucial to only agree to have them dry out your property. Don’t sign a contract for any repair work on your home after they address the water damage. Even If you decide not to work with them and even if they didn’t actually do any of the work, they typically have a 20% penalty clause in the fine print of the agreement for damages on their contracts, which means you will have to pay them even if you do not contract with them to do the cleanup and restoration work.

Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster Fort Myers

When looking at storms that consistently form in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, preparation is the key to minimizing damages. Knowing what to do to properly prepare your property is the best way to avoid messy insurance claims and maximize potential settlement offers. Be sure to take video footage before a potential storm of the inside and outside of your home and all the contents and store it in a safe place. Always secure important documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, and auto titles in some type of waterproof location like a safe or lock box at your home or even a safety deposit box at your local bank.

Prepare a survival kit stocked with all personal supplies, water, and food adequate for all members of your family for at least a week. Use the ATM’s or get to a bank to get cash as early as possible, as ATM machines will probably be offline in the case of a severe storm. Fill your vehicles with gas as well as any spare gas cans, generators etc. Equip yourself with multiple flashlights and spare batteries in case of an extended power outage. Create an emergency plan that you and your family members can follow, and make sure everyone knows what your plans are as cell phones and WiFi could be down for several days.

Licensed Public Adjusters Fort Myers

While your insurance company has multiple trained adjusters on staff to value your damaged property, we work for you to ensure that all damage estimates are accurate and that they account for all of the damages associated with your insurance claim. We work with homeowners, business owners, management companies, and apartment owners to maximize any property damage claims . We work only for residential or commercial policyholders, and we have years of experience in the insurance adjusting industry. And just like the adjuster assigned by your insurance company to assess the damage to your property, the public adjuster is there to help negotiate. But unlike the adjuster assigned by your insurance company, your Fort Myers public adjuster is here to negotiate for you and your interests, not for the insurance company.

Our Public Adjusters are licensed by the state insurance department of Florida to advise and assist all policyholders with property damage insurance claims. Please be aware that there is no equivalent level of state licensing for the adjusters used by your insurance company. Adjusters who work for your insurance company do not have to pass any state examinations and no state regulations specifically govern their conduct. They are bound only by the regulations governing the insurance companies that hire them.

Property damage for residents in Fort Myers is never fun. Unfortunately, residents of Florida deal with property damage all the time. The natural weather conditions and patterns are conducive to home devastation. While living in the tropics is usually a pleasure, there are certain moments where one may come to regret living in a warm, wet environment. Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of property damage cases from mold, water damage, fire damage, and wind damage. While some home-based disasters are not natural, such as leaking pipes or dripping appliances, the pathway to fixing the situation is all the same. As always, we offer a full guidance designed to help Fort Myers homeowners like you get the most out of their insurance claim.