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A Public Adjuster Davie, FL is a licensed insurance claims adjuster who advocates for and the policyholder by filing, appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. Public Adjusters are the only type of insurance professional that can legally represent the rights of a policyholder during the insurance claim process.

A Public Adjuster can only work with residential or business property damage insurance claims. The State of Florida requires every Public Adjuster to be licensed in order to represent policyholders. Public Adjusters are required to go through training and pass certification exams on many different aspects of handling and processing claims.

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Claims Adjuster Davie Florida

The primary responsibilities of a Public Adjuster are:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your insurance policy to determine what coverage can be filed for an insurance claim
  • Suggest improvements to your existing coverage to ensure you have the best coverage for your home or business
  • Give accurate estimates and valuations for any and all damages
  • Negotiate on behalf of the insured to get the best possible settlement
  • Conduct a policy consultation and inspection of the policyholder’s property to identify damage that the policyholder may have missed

Public Adjusters are paid based on a contingency basis as a percentage of the final settlement. Their fee is justified by their level of success in these negotiations. It is also quite common to see a significant increase in the final settlement amount after hiring one of our Davie Public Adjusters. It is our specialty to maximizing your settlement payout through detailed documentation, analysis and smart negotiations.

Our professional Insurance claims adjusters have both the knowledge and skill to work with the insurance companies and make sure that you as the policyholder gets the maximum settlement for damages, whether they be seen or unseen damages.

Public Insurance Adjuster Davie

Our insurance adjusters are trained professionals with experience documenting property damage losses and evaluating insurance claims. Public Adjusters are the only insurance professionals who are licensed to represent you, the insured, in this detailed, technical, political, and complex claims process. The insurance companies use the services of employees of the insurance companies, which are trained to adjust claims the way their employer outlines, or they may hire independent claims adjusters, who are third party adjusters hired to work for them to process and submit claims for review.

Without a Licensed Florida Public Adjuster on your side, it’s your responsibility to interact and negotiate with the insurance company and their professionals. The insurance company's hired adjusters have been highly trained to measure and evaluate your claim to their specifications without regard to your situation. And unless you are a professional insurance adjuster yourself, you won’t know your options, possess the training, knowledge, or experience, and likely don’t even have the time to deal with the insurance company and keep up with their demands the way a public adjuster can.

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Insurance Claims Adjuster Davie

Public Insurance Adjusters offer professional advice to policyholders, informing them of their options and offer to assist by measuring, documenting preparing, and negotiating the damages and losses all on your behalf. We will meet with the insurance company's adjuster to work through and settle the claim thoroughly and as efficiently as possible. Our knowledge of the insurance industry, the insurance company's trick and tactics, insurance company's contractors and contents restoration companies, insurance company appraisers and other insurance company allies, and how to combat each of them is an invaluable service you must have in order to have a successful outcome.

When Do You Contact A Public Adjuster?

If you have experienced a loss due to property damage, you should call us immediately. The most common mistake people make in the claims process is failing to enlist the help of a professional Public Adjuster before the insurance company takes control of the claim. By trying to avoid the Public Adjuster's fee you might think you can handle the claims process on your own or that the insurance company will treat you fairly and give you an adequate settlement. When you try taking this path, you’ll quickly realize that the frustration and constant delays coupled with the low and insulting settlement offers are a clear sign that you need to call a certified Davie Public Adjuster to facilitate your claim.

Though we can still offer valuable help at this point, we might not be able to reverse the damage that has been done that would not have happened had you called earlier. There is a certain point when it’s too late for even a Public Adjuster to help.The only option at this stage is to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. These types of lawsuits typically don’t end well, as the same reasons your claim was delayed or denied will make any legal actions unfruitful.

Public Adjuster Services Davie, Florida

Our Public Adjusters offers the following claims services to help you maximize your settlement:

Professional Claims Evaluation

Professional Insurance Evaluations is a company that represents those with insurance policies as a public adjuster in the investigation and valuation of your damages helping to maximize your property insurance claim recovery. We help maximize property claims as public adjusters.

Insurance Policy Review

We know the insurance industry very well and we can help explain what is and what is not covered under your insurance policy and offer sound guidance in an effort to resolve coverage issues.

Damage Assessment

As expert property appraisers, we can also estimate the damage and losses in an insurance claim to determine the exact financial value of the claim. In dealing with disputes between you and your insurance company, we can offer our expertise in maximizing your settlement under certain policy appraisal statutes.

Claims Specialists

We can maximize your property damage claims by understanding exactly what is covered in your policy, taking the time to determine the extent of the damage, and hemping you in with any disputes that arise throughout the process.

Hurricane Damage Experts

By working in the insurance adjusting industry in South Florida, we have become experts in insurance policy claims resulting from the catastrophe property damage hurricanes can bring We have been involved in claims from every major hurricane to hit Florida in the past many years. We have the patience and experience to handle these natural disaster claims in Davie when and if they happen again.

Commercial Damage Claims

Many commercial insurance plans are offered as complete packages that cover not only physical loss to your property, but also offer coverage for lost business income. As an example, if strong wind, fire and smoke, or water damage causes a property loss that causes your business to suspend operations, your coverage provides reimbursement for lost business income or any extra expense you might have incurred to keep the business running day to day.

Accidental Damage Claims

Accidental damage includes some of the more uncommon types of damage claims we can help with. When runaway vehicle plows into your storefront, or you experience a termite infestation that has compromised the structure of your home or office, or maybe a delivery went wrong and caused interior damage to your home. All these things and more could be covered under your policy. It’s best to call us when these events happen so we can start assessing the situation immediately to determine what can be covered.

Theft and Vandalism

Some people just don’t respect the property rights of others. Now, tarping a house at Halloween might seem like a harmless prank, but what about throwing eggs at expensive stucco or vinyl siding? These are the types of things that fall outside the scope of a prank, as well as bricks thrown through a plate glass window.

Vandalism that is caused by tenants who were forced to vacate the premises is also an unfortunately common occurrence. Theft losses can encompass more than a swift neighbor making off with your online shipment that was left on the porch. All too often, theft involves a home, office, or warehouse being broken into, oftentimes with devastating results. Not only is your valuable personal property stolen, but the thieves may also cause damage to the building when carrying out the act. These types of damages may also be covered under your insurance policy.

Structure or Roof Collapse

Many policies include coverage for collapse in instances where it was caused by hidden decay, hidden insect damage, weight of equipment, contents or people.