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What Is A Public Adjuster?

  • A Public adjusters works independently on behalf of the individual policy holder. Homeowners and business owners hire public adjusters to assist them through the process of filing and closing an insurance claim.

  • Even though your insurance company often sends out an adjuster to handle your claim, keep in mind they work for the insurance company, not you. They are looking out for the company. You need someone that can look out for you.


  • Hiring a public adjuster makes certain that you have someone working on your side. They usually take a percentage of your claim as their fee, up to 20%. But keep in mind, policyholders that hire a public adjuster get a much higher payout than those who don’t. Even with their fee, hiring a public adjuster to assist in your claim will benefit you financially and give you peace of mind that you have a professional on your side.
  • Public adjusters handle claims related to fire damage, flooding, hurricane damage, smoke and even mold and water damage. And when your business has experienced a loss, your lost business income can also be included in your claim in most cases.

  • Evaluating and submitting an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder is very complicated.

  • Public adjusters specialize in understanding and evaluating insurance policies, and they are experts at filing and handling all types of insurance claims. They often have strong experience in evaluating property damage and losses.

  • Not only do they understand valuation of property, they also have extensive knowledge of the claims process and deadlines that will result in the highest payout possible for your claim.

Residential Insurance Claims

When tragedy strikes your home, the losses can be catastrophic. Though some events, like severe hurricane damage or fire can result in total loss of your property, that isn’t always the case.

Often times the damages are repairable and any damages can be repaired so you can get your house back in livable condition quickly. No matter if you’ve experienced fire damage, flooding, roof damage, hurricane or storm damage or even interior water damage and mold, you need to be prepared to handle your insurance claim confidently so you can get the financial compensation you deserve.

When you are dealing with a significant loss like damage from Hurricane Irma or George, you should consider hiring a public adjuster to guide you through the process and avoid costly mistakes when going through the insurance claim process.

Not only will it give you peace of mind while recovering from the stress of having a damaged residence, you can rest assured that you have someone working for you that knows the process and is ready to handle any issues that come up along the way.

Insucance adjuster evaluating hurrican damage to a home in Florida

When looking for the best public adjuster in the Miami area, don’t look any further. Our public adjusters have many years experience dealing with many types of insurance claims. We’ve handled everything every kind of residential insurance claim in Florida.

Don’t let a devastating loss stop you from fighting for your home.

Let us help guide you through the process.

Remember, it won’t cost you anything to see if we can help you!

Residential insurance claims apply to single family, townhomes, condos and duplexes. In the state of Florida, this sector makes up the majority of insurance losses. And the most common type of damage claim handled in Miami is water damage.

Water damage can wreak havoc on many aspects of your home. From unseen roof and leak issues to mold infestations, water damage can quickly make your house uninhabitable if not repaired quickly and correctly. Many times, water damage leads to a complete gutting of the interior of the home as rot and mold can do irreparable damage to structural components.

Public Adjusters of Miami Specializes in

Fire Damage

flooding in residential and commercial district

Water Damage

hurricane damaged roof in Miami

Hurricane Damage

Mold damage after hurricane in Miami Florida

Mold Damage

business damaged by hurricane in Miami Florida

Commercial Damage Claims

Let Miami Public Adjusters be your advocate and partner in getting you restored and thriving again. The insurance companies want to dictate exactly what they will pay for and how much. Let us stand in the gap and fight for adequate compensation.

The insurance companies let their best adjusters handle business claims because they have so many moving parts. And that means you start out being behind. Before the first phone call to you, they already have their numbers lined up and they know exactly what they will and won’t pay for. And they know that commercial claims are often the highest payouts they deal with, so they will do whatever it takes to minimize their exposure.

So while you are rebuilding your business and managing day to day operations, let us work in the background and handle the insurance company’s toughest negotiators.

We will lift the burden of dealing with them and we handle every last document and request they could make. We take pride in our expertise in evaluating, negotiating and understanding your insurance policies and limits to get you the most money possible.

Our professional public adjusters can handle all types of businesses and industries. Anything from warehouses, industrial complexes, hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, retail stores, to private businesses.

When tragedy happens to your business, it can be difficult to know what steps to take first.

Do you reach out to the government if your business was damaged by a hurricane?

How do you document the damage?

And how can you be sure that the insurance company will cover everything you lost?

These are the types of issues that a skilled Miami public adjuster can answer and help you resolve every step along the way.

Our licensed public adjusters will personally walk through your property and do a thorough assessment and evaluation of the losses. We will not only make records of business property that was lost or damaged, but also assess the structure.

Our goal is to make sure you feel confident about how your claim is being handled.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

Why Do I Need A Public Adjuster?

The last thing you want when dealing with significant damage to your home is to be given the run-around by your insurance company.

Even though they portray themselves as your advocate and friend, that can quickly change when you file a claim with them. They will take your money without blinking, but getting money from them when filing a homeowner’s insurance claim can be like pulling teeth.

Just like you wouldn’t want to go to court without an experienced lawyer working for you who knows the law, you don’t want to have to deal with an insurance company without having someone on your side.

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